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Learning in Hand

Sep 22, 2009

Learning in Hand: iPods Episode #19: Maps, Screenshots, & Comics shows you how to take a tour of Washington, D.C., take photos along the way, and use those photos in a comic strip--all on an iPod touch. The Maps app, the screenshot feature, Google Earth, and Strip Designer are used to create an informative comic strip.

Sep 9, 2009

Learning in Hand: iPods Episode #18: iPod touch Basics shows the fundamentals that iPod touch and iPhones users should know. Items in this episode:iPod touch runs the iPhone Operating System that is currently at version 3.0, Sleep/Wake buttons, Slide to unlock, Touchscreen information, Home screen organization,...

Feb 18, 2009

Learning in Hand: iPods Episode #17: Favorite iPod touch Apps was recorded live. It was supposed to be a call-in show, but no one called in. Fortunately, there were live listeners in the chatroom who asked great questions. Besides sharing some useful information about the App Store and installing apps, listen for...